How Do I Know Which Program to Sign Up For?

OPTION ONE: Basic Level

The basic program gets you just that: the basics. If you're limping along financially and cannot scrape up more than $14.97 to get yourself launched toward greater health, this program is for you. I designed it to help absolutely EVERYONE, so no one who wants to be healthy has a reason to avoid their Sweet Freedom from Sugar. If that's all you can do, get it, and cancel your membership before February 15th, 2010. You'll receive your DVD ($79 value), plus the downloadable ebook and workbook modules every month (value $797 in all).

*****Be aware, if you cancel, you will not be able to upgrade later on.*****

OPTION TWO: Gold Level

If you can scrape together a wee bit more than $1 a day: less than a soda, less than a cupcake, less than bus fare, less than cable by a long shot (how much do you want to be healthy?), but you can't manage $3 a day-you will just want to continue your membership. The cost is $14.97 for the first month and $37.97 per month for four months, and here's what you get:

Here's what you get with the Gold Level:

Just be ready to be excited as you watch your body get healthier and healthier, and feel empowered and energetic again.

There is no need to take any action if this is the course you sign up for, because your card will be automatically charged $37.97 each month for four months after the first month at $14.97. Of course, you can cancel at any time.

If that fits you, you're the one I designed this course for. It's not for everyone, but it's worth more than 5 times the $37.97 monthly membership--$195/month value.

If I were you, and I wasn't sure what to get, this is the one I'd get.

Just in case you're confused (and who wouldn't be?), here's a synopsis of what you get with each level:

BASIC level ($797 value) GOLD level ($1657 value)
$14.97 S/H, free
(automatically converts to Gold Level unless cancelled)
$14.97 S/H first month,
automatic for 4 months
1st month DVD 1st month DVD
Ebook in modules Ebook in modules
Workbook in modules Workbook in modules
Assessment to start Assessment to start
Monthly DVD
(cookbook 2nd month)
Monthly report
Monthly masterclass
Powerpoint text notes
Community membership
Special bonuses

There...does that all make sense? What I've done is create an absolutely phenomenal program, designed with YOU in mind, to help YOU with your health goals.

Of course, I'm not your doctor, and I'm not dispensing medical advice. If you want that, you're going to need to make an appointment. But what I WILL do is provide you with the latest, most helpful alternatives and discoveries to keep you feeling better and get you back your energy.

I guarantee it.

In fact, if you try the Sweet Freedom from Sugar Training Program at ANY level, and you decide it's not for you, simply return the materials and I'll refund your money. It's as simple as that.